“As a public school teacher, I know how important it is to have a knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate person in front of students. I can tell you first hand that Sensei Daniel Khalil has all of those qualities and then some. As a fellow martial artist and former instructor, I’ve taught and trained alongside Sensei Khalil for over 20 years, and the only thing that outranks his skill as a top-notch martial artist, is his energy and enthusiasm when he teaches his classes. I would highly recommend The Dojo and Sensei Khalil to anyone who is looking to enjoy a highly structured program that will help your children be more focused, goal-oriented and respectful; not only in The Dojo, but in life.”
— Christopher Brown, 5th Grade Teacher (3rd Degree Black Belt; Zen Bei Butoku Kai International)

“Sensai Khalil came and taught an hour long karate class to my first graders last year. We were studying Japan and I wanted to give them an experience they would never forget. Having never attended a karate class myself I wasn’t sure what to expect or how long he could keep their attention. Sensai Khalil far exceeded my expectations in every way. He not only taught them karate moves but he expressed the importance of having good character, which I believe to be a far more important skill to possess. Aside from that he was animated, friendly, and got all my students involved. I would recommend him to all my teacher friends and any families looking for a karate school.”
— Ann Marie Lutfy, 3rd Grade Teacher

“My son joined karate at the age of 5 years old. He started in the Little Dragons program as a shy boy that was barely able to make eye contact with anyone. Working with Sensei Khalil through the years has brought my son out of his shell. Following his guidance and expertise, my son has grown into an outstanding young adult by teaching him things like confidence, respect and discipline. Sensei Khalil personally had a huge hand in developing my son from that shy little boy who joined karate as a white belt, into a motivated and determined Junior Black Belt.
The knowledge and drive that Sensei Khalil brings to the table is second to none and his willingness to work with my son and others is not contained to the walls of the dojo, as he also develops his students into extraordinary individuals.
Who knows what the future will bring, but by training at The Dojo under Sensei Daniel Khalil, I know that my son, along with many others will have much success in the martial arts and in life.”
— Steve Gowland, Parent