Here are the different types of classes that we specialize in:


Lil' Dragons Karate

Meant for ages 4 to 7, this program teaches focus and basic coordination skills. The emphasis of this program lies in:
• Attention-span development, to improve academically.
• Developing better coordination, to become a better athlete.
• Instilling and reinforcing respect and courtesy.
• Demonstrating the foundational qualities of cooperation and trust.
• Teaching basic martial arts.

Youth & Adult Karate

Meant for ages 7 and up, our main style is Shorinji-Ryu. This a traditional Japanese martial art of karate. Our program involves a wide variety of techniques, with an emphasis on practical self-defense rather than sport orientation.
• Basics - Teaching physical fundamentals such as balance, power, speed and conditioning.
• Kata (forms) - Demonstrating the basic techniques in a pattern to show skills such as expression and control.
• Sparring - An applicable use of the basics to teach distance, timing and technique.
• Self Defense - A practical application of how to maintain confidence and the ability to protect yourself.


Meant for ages 14 and up, Kobudo is a traditional Japanese system of weaponry that is great for body control and conditioning. It is a great supplement to any martial art. Previous martial art training experience is required for this program.
• Emphasis on focus and exactness in technique.
• Strengthens and reinforces proper basics, both with a weapon and empty handed.
• The preservation of an ancient martial art.

Tai Chi Chuan

Meant specifically for adults, Tai Chi is a combination of gentle exercise movements and visualizations that, together, have a profound impact on mental, physical, and emotional health. It is often used as therapy for chronic pain and limited mobility, but its greatest power is perspective.
• The power of relaxation and allowing peace into one's life.
• Feeling centered, balanced and happiness with one's current state and surroundings.