Sensei Daniel Khalil

Sensei Daniel Khalil has been involved in the martial arts his entire life. He started karate (all because he wanted to be a Ninja Turtle) in 1993. Having gone from student to assistant, to teacher, chief instructor and now opening his own school, Sensei Khalil has always worked his way up, perfecting his skills in multiple martial arts. He has achieved great success through training, tournaments, demonstrations and, most importantly, teaching classes.

Through traditional subjects such as Basics, Kata (forms) and Self Defense, he focuses on teaching physical skills for better fitness, health and over all well-being. Sensei Khalil uses the physical skills as a means to teach the intangibles, such as confidence, self control, hard work and discipline. He feels these are the real benefits of training in the martial arts. His teaching is structured to help his students reach a level of confidence and peace for the mind, body and spirit.

His goal is to pass on what he has learned, and enhance the lives of all of his students, their families and our community.